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AMS360 Work From Home Best Practices

This article details best practice guidelines when working from home to help ensure your workstation is best equipped when using AMS360. 

PLEASE NOTE: Consult with your IT team and review any relevant security requirements before making changes.

To install AMS360 Client Rev 8 onto your workstation:

**.Net Framework 4.7 is required for the installation of AMS360.
If the AMS360 installer does not detect .Net 4.7 on the workstation, it will install .Net 4.7 first, before installing AMS360. Please reference the link below for more information about .Net 4.7 and its dependencies.

When you first log on to AMS360, you will be required to update your AMS360 Client software to Rev 8 on your workstation.

To do this, complete these steps:
Note: Save and close all open programs.  You will be required to restart your workstation at the end of the upgrade.
1. Open a supported browser and log onto AMS360 with your credentials. If you login with VSSO credentials (an email and password), then you will need to click to "Sign in with Vertafore Single Sign On" at the bottom of the window. 

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The AMS360 Client Configuration Required page appears after you login successfully. Click Download, then Save As. Save the file to your desktop. Right-click on the file and click Run as Administrator.

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2. You will see the Client Rev 8 welcome installation screen. Click Next. Follow any prompts. In most cases, the client installer will load without any further intervention necessary.

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3. Click Close at the Installation Complete dialog.

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4. You can now log on to AMS360.

5. With this client revision, you typically will not see any message stating you must restart your workstation for changes to take effect. However, if you run into any errors or unusual messages, it's suggested you first restart your computer before taking other measures.

Note AMS360 Client Rev 8 offers some backwards compatibility. Therefore, if you need to access more than one database that may be on different versions, you will likely have that ability.

Microsoft Office:
In order for MS Office products to integrate properly with AMS360, it will need to be locally installed on the workstation and it must be a supported configuration. This would include the 32 bit versions of MS Office 2016 and up.  
Note: AMS360 19R2 will support 2019 MS Office 32 and 64 bit.

The integration affects the ability to create/edit/distribute form letters through Word. It also impacts the functionality of emailing through AMS360. 

For additional information regarding the supported version, see Vertafore supported workstation, server, and product configurations

Administration Center Downloads:

Your users may require the use of DocDesigner for Schedules and Proposals or the Outlook Add-In Integration (19r2 only). 

If this is the case, then a user with access to the administration center will need to download the files to distribute to all applicable employees.
The user will also need to have administrator privileges on their workstation. 

1. Navigate to the center
2. Click on Utilities and then AMS360 Downloads.
3. Click the link to start the download.
4.  Do one of the following:
  • To start the installation immediately, click Open or Run this program from its current location.
  • To copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save or Save this program to disk.
Once you have it saved onto your workstation, you can distribute it as needed. 

PingID Considerations:

Take the time to setup a secondary authentication method in case of an issue validating with your primary method. 

This is done by clicking "Settings" on the PingID screen when authenticating. From the settings console, you can add additional devices. We recommend your email being the primary with your phone or desktop being the secondary source. 

Other Recommendations:
  • Connectwise can be reached via the bottom left corner of MyVertafore or at
  • Please have your IT information distributed to all users in case they have any workstation specific issues preventing them from accessing the program successfully. This will also be helpful in expediting troubleshooting with our support team. 
  • Administrators can run an activity or suspense report at anytime from the classic reports section of the 360Toolbox. 
  • Native administrators can also run the Authentication Report in Classic to view login/logout times. Vertafore Single Sign-On administrators can run a similar report through the VSSO admin console: 
    • Navigate to 360Toolbox
    • Click Vertafore Single Sign-On
    • Click the Activity Log tab
    • Run for applicable date range
  • Please log out appropriately at the end of every workday. This will lead to accurate reporting on the authentication logs and help create a smoother experience when using the program. This is done by clicking "Exit" in the top right of AMS360 prior to closing your browsing window. 
For any further assistance, please reach out to our support team. 

Chrome 80 Configuration:
Note: If you will not be using Chrome as your browser of choice, then this section can be disregarded. 
Open new tab in Chrome
   1) Type in Chrome://flags in the Address Bar
   2) Search for Same
   3)Disable SameSite by default cookies
   4) Disable Cookies without SameSite Must Be secure
   5) Click relaunch on the bottom right

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More information can be found about the Google Chrome version 80 upgrade here: Google Chrome Version 80.0 Update
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