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Vertafore Canada Cloud - Work From Home Best Practices
As you are all making decisions for business continuity during this challenging time, we thought we would share some helpful tools to ensure your team stays up and running no matter where they find themselves.

If you have team members who have moved to a work from home location and are accessing the Vertafore Canada Cloud from a workstation outside of your office, this is what they need to know.

Sometimes slowness can really bring you down; your internet connection could be the reason why. Check with your internet provider if you have questions.

Internet Connection:
1. Make sure you have an adequate internet connection with a healthy bandwidth to work from home. A minimum should be 2Mbps.
2. Because of increased demand on residential internet caused by COVID-19, the results may vary at different times of day. Other activities such as Netflix and other streaming services can also have an impact on your internet speed.
3. Wi-Fi can be intermittent and cause frequent disconnects. Try connecting your computer directly to your provider's modem or router with a network cable.

Security is key. Therefore, it is everyone's responsibility to keep the work environment safe. Remember, you are accessing the Cloud from your workstation, so it is essential to check its health. Check with your company's local IT to assist you with questions regarding your operating system and antivirus.

Operating System:
1. Windows 10 or Windows 8 required
Note: Earlier versions of Windows no longer receive security updates from Microsoft and are vulnerable.
2. MacOS

1. Check your computer's antivirus. Make sure it is up-to-date.
2. Run a full system scan before logging into the Cloud.

Citrix Install:
If you are new to installing the proper Citrix version to access the Cloud, check out the following steps and contact us if you encounter any issues.

How to download the proper Citrix version:
1. Login to
2. Access the drop down menu beside your name, in the top right corner and select Download Receiver
Note: You may need to agree to terms and conditions
3. Click on Download

*We suggest you stop Citrix from updating to new version automatically, to do so on your windows workstation, follow the below steps:

1. Locate the Citrix Icon in your Task Tray (the icons to the left of the clock)   

Note: The icon may be gray (Citrix Receiver) or blue (Citrix Workspace), depending on the version of the Citrix you have installed.

Note: You may need to click on the up arrow on your Task Tray to expand your view. You can adjust your Task Bar settings to always show the Citrix icon

2. Right click on the Citrix icon and choose Advance Preferences
3. Select Auto Update
4. Set it to No, don’t notify me

We hope this makes your work from home experience more efficient and secure. 
URL to access the Vertafore Canada Cloud:

If you have any Cloud support questions, please log a case through MyVertafore or call us at 1-800-268-5325.